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Gvirtue XRT136 Replacement Remote Control for Vizio D E M P Series Smart TVs with Netflix/Vudu/Xumo/Amazon/Crackle/iHeart Radio Keys D50F-F1 D24F-F1 D43F-F1 E43-E2 E60-E3 E75-E1 P55-E1


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Product description
Product description

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  • Gvirtue XRT136 new replacement remote control with Netflix, VUDU, Amazon, XUMO, CRACKLE, iHeart Radio Apps buttons for Vizio D E M P Series Smart TV.
  • This is a high quality IR remote control,No programming required. Install new battery(not included) and works! 
  • Applicable for various Vizio brand TV models: [E Series]-E32D1 E32-D1 E32HD1 E32H-D1 E40D0 E40-D0 E43D2 E43-D2 E43E2 E43-E2 E43UD2 E43U-D2 E48D0 E48-D0 E48UD0 E48U-D0 E49UD1 E49U-D1 E50D1 E50-D1 E50E1 E50-E1 E50E3 E50-E3 E50UD2 E50U-D2 E50XE1 E50X-E1 E55D0 E55-D0 E55E1 E55-E1 E55E2 E55-E2 E55UD0 E55U-D0 E55UD2 E55U-D2 E60E3 E60E-3 E60-E3 E60UD3 E60U-D3 E65D0 E65-D0 E65D1 E65-D1 E65E0 E65-E0 E65E1 E65-E1 E65E3 E65-E3 E65UD1 E65U-D1 E65UD3 E65U-D3 E70D3 E70-D3 E70E3 E70-E3 E70UD3 E70U-D3 E75E16
  • [D Series]-D24FF1 D24F-F1 D32FF1 D32F-F1 D43FF1 D43F-F1 D50FF1 D50F-F1 [M Series]-M55E0 M55-E0 M65E0 M65-E0 M50E1 M50-E1 M70E3 M70-E3 M75E1 M75-E1M55D0 M55-D0 M65D0 M65-D0 M50D1 M50-D1 M60D1 M60-D1 M70D3 M70-D3 M80D3 M80-D3 [P Series]-P50C1 P50-C1 P55C1 P55-C1 P65-C1 P75C1 P75-C1 P55E1 P55-E1 P65E1 P65-E1 P75E1 P75-E1
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