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Gvirtue Universal Remote Control with Luminous Buttons Compatible Replacement for Panasonic TV/Viera Link/HDTV/ 3D/ LCD/LED, N2QAYB000485 N2QAYB000100 N2QAYB000221 N2QAYB00048


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Product description
Product description

About this item

  • Gvirtue universal remote control with luminous buttons compatible replacement for Panasonic TV/ VIERA Link/ HDTV/ 3D/ LCD/ LED. Applicable various Panasonic brand TV models: TC46PGT24 TCP42G25 TCP46G25 TCP50G20 TCP50G25 and more!
  • Work right out box without any programming for 98% Panasonic TV. For another 2% Panasonic TV, the remote can be setup simply and easily with instruction.
  • This item is selling without batteries, customers need to buy 2 AAA batteries in local store by themselves and put the batteries in then it works
  • Hot-keys: 3D, VIERA Link and Customize your own! Hotkey shortcuts to most popular Panasonic Smart TV functions.
  • Compatible Remote Model Name: N2QAYB000485 N2QAYB000100 N2QAYB000221 N2QAYB00048 EUR-7628030 EUR-7635040 EUR-763607R EUR-7651030A TNQ-10448 TNQ-10449 TNQ-10481TH-P50S60D TZZ00000001A TZZ00000006A TZZ00000009A and more.


More Details

Gvirtue panasonic universal remote control with luminous buttons uses the luminous hight quality material to make the latest design. When use the luminous remote control in the dark you can easily recognize the buttons. It is considerate to use the remote control. Gvirtue Panasonic Universal Remote Control for Almost ALL Panasonic.

Works with almost ALL Panasonic brand TV. If not, it is very easy to set it up. It also has learning function.

Compatible with other models:

N2QAYB000485 N2QAYB000100 N2QAYB000221 N2QAYB00048 N2QAYB000837 N2QAYB000926 and more.

Supported TV Model:

TC-55LET64 TC-L47ET60 TC-L50ET60 TC-L55ET60 TC-P50ST60 TC-P55ST60 TC-P60ST60 TC-P65ST60 TC-L42ET60 TC-39AS530U TC-50AS530U TC-50AS530UE TC-50ASU534 TC-55AS530U TC-60AS530U TC-32LX24 TC-42LD24 TC-42LS24 TC50PS24 TC58PS24 TC65PS24 TC-L22X2 TC-L32C22, TC-L42U22 TC-L32U22 , TC-L42U22 , TC-L37U22 , TC-L42U25 , TC-P42C2 , TC-P50C2 , TC-P46C2, TC-P42U2, TC-P50U2, TCP42X2 , TCP50X2 , TCP50GT50, TCP55GT50, TCP55ST50, TCP55VT50, TCP60GT50, TCP60ST50, TCP65GT50, TCP65ST50, TCP65VT50 TH32LRU50 TH32LRH30U TH32LRU5 TH37LRU50 TH37LRU5, TH37LRU30, TH-42LRU20, TH55LRU50