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Gvirtue Universal Remote Control TS-1LC Compatible Replacement for Toshiba 3D 4K LCD LED HDTV Smart TV with Learning Function Luminous Buttons and You Tube Netflix Hot Keys CT-90325 CT-90326 CT-8037


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Product description
Product description

About this item

  • Gvirtue universal remote control compatible replacement for Toshiba 3D 4K LCD LED HDTV SMART TV. Ship from USA Amazon Warehouse!
  • Applicable various Toshiba brand TV models: 42SL700A, 32SL700A, 26SL700A, 22SL700A, 39L22U, 40L5200U, 50L5200U, 32L1350U, 32C120U1, 39L1350U and more!
  • Work right out box without any programming for 99% Toshiba TV. For another 1% Toshiba TV, the remote can be setup simply and easily with instruction.
  • This item is selling without batteries, customers need to buy 2 AAA batteries in local store by themselves and put the batteries in then it works.
  • Compatible for Toshiba Series Remote Models: CT-90325 CT-90326 CT-90329 CT-8037 CT-90302 CT-90275 CT-90 CT-90366 CT-RC1US-16 CT-RC1US-17 CT-RC1US-18 CT-RC1US-19 CT-9643 CT-9875 CT-8026 CT-90298 CT-9687 CT-9884 CT-865 CT-90300 CT-9689 CT-9922 CT-871 CT-90301 CT-9708 CT-9931 CT-893 CT-90323 CT-9712 CT-9975 and more.

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It could directly control 99% models of Toshiba TVs, no need to set.
If your remote control is similar to the picture, then our remote can control it.
Luminous Buttons design is convenient to use in the dark and you can easily find the button that you want to choose.

Gvirtue TS-1LC remote control can be used for 99% models for Toshiba Series TVs:
19AV600,19AV600U,19AV600UZ,39L22U,40L5200U,IRC87022,19AV615DB, 19AV616DB, 22AV616DB, 26AV615DB, 32AV615DB, 32RV635DB, 32AV633DB, 32AV636DB, 37AV615DB, 37AV616DB, 42AV635DB, 40LV665DB, 42HL800A, 42RV635DB, 50L5200U, 32L1350U, 32C120U1, 39L1350U,19C1D, 19C10, 19C10U, 19C100, 19C100U, 19SL400, 19SL400U, 19SL410U, 22AV600, 22AV600U, 22AV600UZ, 22C10, 22C10U, 22C100, 22C100U, 22SL400, 22SL400U, 22SL410U, 24SL410U, 26C10, 26C10U, 26C100, 26C100U, 26C100U1, 26C100UM, 26SL400, 26SL400U, 32C10, 32C10U, 32C100, 32C100U, 32C100U1, 32C100U2, 32C100UM, 32C110U, 32DT1, 32DT1U, 32DT2U1 and all older model Toshiba TV.

Compatible for Toshiba LCD LED TV Remote Control Models:
CT-9643 CT-9875 CT-8026 CT-90298 CT-9687 CT-9884 CT-865 CT-90300 CT-9689 CT-9922 CT-871 CT-90301 CT-9708 CT-9931 CT-893 CT-90323 CT-9712 CT-9975 CT-898 CT-90325 CT-9730 CT-9878 CT-90126 CT-90326 and more!

Gvirtue TS-1LC Universal Remote Control Features:
1.This is the dedicated Toshiba replacement remote control not the original one, but function is 100% same as original and it covers all the functions of original remote. 
2.The lightweight and ergonomic design makes this remote control easy to grip and uneasy to slip. It is very comfortable and perfect for everyone. It is the ideal choice when your original remote control is lost, broken or when you want a new one. 
3.99% compatible with most models of Toshiba series TV. 
4.The remote uses Infrared Technology so please make sure there is no obstacle between the remote and your player blocking the signal transmission.