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Gvirtue Universal Remote Control Compatible Replacement for Panasonic TV/Viera Link/ 3D/ LCD/LED, N2QAYB000485 N2QAYB000100 N2QAYB000221 N2QAYB00048

PN-14+EL Plus

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Product description
Product description

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  • Gvirtue Panasonic Universal Remote Control for Almost ALL Panasonic.
  • Works right out of box without any programming. If not, very easy to set it up. It also has learning function.
  • This product is sold exclusively by Gvirtue with 1 year manufacturer warranty and superb customer service.
  • Compatible with N2QAYB000485 N2QAYB000100 N2QAYB000221 N2QAYB00048 N2QAYB000837 N2QAYB000926 and more.
  • Supported Model: TC46PGT24, TCP42G25, TCP46G25, TCP50G20, TCP50G25 and more.


More Details

Gvirtue Preprogrammed and Learning Universal Remote for Panasonic​ TV

So much is required when a remote is lost or broken. First, one must find the original remotes model number. Second, one needs to search for a replacement which means looking through hundreds of remotes and reading listing to figure out if the remote will be compatible with one’s TV. These days no one has the time for such a daunting task. That is why Gvirtue designed this preprogrammed universal remote, all one needs to know is the brand of their TV. This remote does not need to be replaced when one upgrades their TV to another the same brand because it is universal and will work perfectly with a new TV. In addition, we have added more useful buttons as well as tried our best to design a remote that has buttons placed in a similar layout to the original remote you are familiar with. This remote also features the learning function. Read below for more information on how the learning function can help you to use your remote with ease.

Gvirtue Universal Remote Features:

Gvirtue universal remote for Panasonic series TV is very lightweight and ergonomic, and does not require a lot of space and comfortable to hold by your hands. It use for 99% models of Panasonic Series TV.

Hot-keys: 3D, VIERA Link and Customize your own!

It is comfortable hand-held design, easy to operate. It is the ideal choice when your original remote control is lost, broken or when you want a new one.

This is the dedicated replacement remote control not the original one, but function is 100% same as original and it covers all the functions of original remote.

No programming is required -- just insert the batteries in and it works well with your device or receiver.


Supported TV Model: TH-55LRU50, TH-42LRU50, TH-42LRU20, TH37LRU50, TH-37LRU30, TH-32LRU50, TH-32LRH30U, TC-P65VT50, TC-P65ST60, TC-P65ST50, TC-P65GT50, TC-P60ST50, TC-P60GT50, TCP55VT50, TC-P55ST60, TC-P55ST50, TC-P55GT50, TC-P50X2, TC-P50U2, TC-P50ST60, TC-P50GT50,TC-P50C2, TC-P46C2TC-P42U2, TC-P46C2, TC-P42X2, TC-P42C2, TC-L55ET60, TC-L50ET60, TC-L47WT50, TC-L47ET60, TC-L47ET5, TC-L47DT50, TC-L42U25, TC-L42U22, TC-L42ET60, TC-L42ET5, TC-L37U22, TC-L32U22, TC-L32C22, TC-L22X2, TC-65PS24, TC-60AS530U, TC-58PS24, TC-55LET64, TC-55DT50, TC-55AS530U, TC-50PS24, TC-50ASU534, TC-50AS530U, TC-42LS24, TC-42LD24, TC-39AS530U, TC-32LX24

This remote use for 99% models of Panasonic Series TV. ​

If your original remote has digital buttons (0-9), it will work well with your TV. For example: