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Gvirtue Programmable Universal Roku Remote Control Compatible for Roku Player to Control TV Soundbar Receiver All in One (Fit for Roku 1 2 3 4 Premier/+ Express/+ Ultra)


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Product description
Product description

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  • [Pre-programmed Remote] Gvirtue pre-programmed roku remote to work for Roku 1,2,3,4,Premier/+,Express/+,RC12 RC80 RC81 RC108 ,Vizio TV(Power,CH+/-,Vol+/-,Mute,Source Buttons). Work Right Out of Box after installing 2 fresh AAA batteries.
  • [Simplify Your Life] Replenish those missing yet wanted buttons on Roku box remote. Meeting everyday needs with 9 more diy learn-able buttons. No need to juggle remote any more.
  • [Universal IR Remote] Requires Direct LINE-OF-SIGHT with Roku Player to Work. Requires ORIGINAL REMOTE to re-programmed to control Sound bar,Receiver, DVD, TV with Roku Player All in One. Easy setup for any button with instruction included.
  • [One for All Remote] 9 more buttons can help you learn to any TV's remote, (such as,Vizio soundbars and tv/Samsung/Vizio/LG/ Sony/Sharp, Roku/RCA/Panasonic/ Smart TVs/Blu-ray/DVD) via IR.Programmed to anything as long as you have the Original remote. So you can go from 3 (TV, DVD, Soundbar) or more remotes down to one. It is simply to your life.And the remote can easily learn commands from other original remotes.
  • [Notice] NOT FOR ROKU STICK or BUILT-IN ROKU SMART TV. Without earphone jack , pairing button , Voice Search and Game. NOT a RF remote or a Wi-Fi remote.


More Details

Gvirtue universal roku remote with eight learning keys to control any Roku player (except for Roku Sticks)/TV/Soundbar/Receiver/DVD.This RC3067 universal infrared Roku remote control is compatible with TV/ SOUNDBAR/ RECEIVER after you have finished the learning.


Work for:

Roku Ultral

Roku 1234

Roku Express/+

Roku premier/+


Not work for:

Roku Streaming Stick

Built-in Roku TV


Remote Comes with A Manual

1. Press and hold both the keys "A" and "B" keys simultaneously for about 3 seconds, LED indicator light and remain on and then release the keys.

2. Press and release the key to be learned, indicator light will flash slowly.

3. Point the original remote control head-to head with the RC3067 remote. Make sure the IR(infrared light bulb at the top edge of remote) aligh directly with the lens on the front of the RC3067 within the distance of about 3cm.

4. Press and hold the key on the original remote that you want theRC3067 to learn. The indicator light will flash 3 times to confirm and then remain on, waiting for next entry.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 to learn other keys.

6.Press both the keys "A" and "OK" to save and exit and then all the learning done.