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Gvirtue New Replaced Remote Control EN2A27 for Hisense LED TV 55H6B 55H6B 50H7GB 50CU6000 50H5C 50H6C 50H7C 50H7GB1 50H8C 55H5C 55H6B 55H7B 55H7C 55H8C 55H9B2 65CU6200 65H10B 40H5C 43H5C 43H7C


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Product description
Product description

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  • ➽Gvirtue New EN2A27 Replaced Remote Fit for Hisense LED TV with NETFLIX, AMAZON, VUDU and YOUTUBE Shortcut Keys.
  • ➽No programming or Setting up Required. Just Install New 2*AAA Battries (Not Included) to Work.
  • ➽Compatible Hisense LED TV Models:32H5C 40H5B 40H5C 43H5C 43H6C 43H6D 43H7C 50CU6000 50H5C 50H6B, 50H6C 50H6D 50H7C 50H7GB 50H7GB1 50H8C 40H5D 43H5D 43H6D 50DU6070 50H5D 50H6D 55DU6070 55H6D 60DU6070 65H6D 55H5C 55H6B 55H6D 55H65G 55H6SG 55H7G 55H7B 55H7C 55H8C 55H9B2 65CU6200 65H6C 65H6D 65H7B2 65H7C 65H8C 65H10B 65H10B2 LTDN55K2203GWUS 40K368AW 50H6SG 55H65G 55H6SG 55H7G ERF6B11
  • ➽LC17340N5000U LC-17343N5000U LC-17343N6100U LC-17343N7000U LC-17350N5000U LC-17350N6000U LC173-50N7000U LC173-55N6000U LC-17355N7000U LC-17360N5100U LC173-60N6200U LC173-60N7000U LC173-65N5200U LC-17365N7000U LC173-65N9000U LC173-75N8000U LC-40N5000U LC-43N7000U LC-50N5000U LC-50N7000U LC55N620CU LC-55N7000U LC-60N6200U LC-60N7000U LC-65N7000U LC-75N620CU
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More Details

Gvirtue Replacement Remote Features:

1.This is the dedicated Hisense replacement remote control not the original one, but function is 100% same as original and it covers all the functions of original remote.

2.The lightweight and ergonomic design makes this remote control easy to grip and uneasy to slip. It is very comfortable and perfect for everyone. It is the ideal choice when your original remote control is lost, broken or when you want a new one.

3.100% compatible with most models of Hisense LED TV.

4.The remote uses Infrared Technology so please make sure there is no obstacle between the remote and your player blocking the signal transmission.