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Gvirtue BN59-01199F Replacement for Samsung Remote Control LCD LED 2K 4K HDTV QLED Smart Hub TV UN32/ 40/ 43/ 48/ 50/ 55/ 58/ 60/65 inch J/ JU series


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Product description
Product description

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  • Gvirtue replacement for Samsung smart TV remote and works with most standard Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart TVs, QLED LCD LED 2K 4K HDTV TVs, UN32/ 40/ 43/ 48/ 50/ 55/ 58/ 60/65 + J/ JU series TVs etc. Ship from US.


  • Compatible with Samsung TV remote control: BN59-01199F AA59-00817A BN59-001177A  BN59-01259E AA59-00666A AA59-00741A.  Works right out of box without any programming.


  • Please find your Samsung TV models below, in the product description or contact us for more information.


  • Compatible with Samsung smart TV model: UN32J4500AF UN32J5205 UN32J525DAF UN40J5200AF UN40J520DAF UN40J6200 UN40JU6400F UN40JU640DAFXZA UN40JU640DF UN40JU650DF UN40JU6700 UN43J5200AF UN43J520DAF UN43JU640DF UN48J5200AF UN48J5201AF UN48J520DAF UN48J6200AF UN48J620DAF UN48JU6400 UN48JU640DF UN48JU6700 UN50J5200 


  • UN50J520DAFUN50J520DFXZA UN50J6200 UN50J620DAF UN55J6200 UN55J6201 UN55J620DAF UN55JU6400 UN55JU640DF UN55JU6700 UN58J5190 UN60J620 UN60J6200 UN60JU6390F UN60JU6400 UN65J620 UN65J6200 UN65JU640 UN65JU6400 UN65JU6700 and more.



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Gvirtue Remote Features:


  • The lightweight and ergonomic design make it very comfortable. It is the ideal choice when your original Samsung remote control is lost, broken or when you want a new Samsung smart TV remote.


  • This is the dedicated Gvirtue replacement remote control not the original Samsung TV remote, but function is 100% same as originalSamsung smart remote and it covers all the functions of original Samsung TV remote control.


  • No programming is required -- just insert the batteries in and it works well with your device or receiver.



Compatible with Samsung Control Remote Smart TV:


BN59-01199F AA59-00817A BN59-001177A  BN59-01259E AA59-00666A AA59-00741A and more.



Compatible with Smart Samsung Television Model (but not limited to):


32 inch

UN32J4500AF UN32J4500AFXZA UN32J5205 UN32J5205AF UN32J5205AFXZA UN32J525DAF UN32J525DAFXZA and more.


40 inch

UN40J5200AF UN40J5200AFXZA UN40J520DAF UN40J520DAFXZA UN40J6200 UN40J6200AF UN40J6200AFXZA UN40JU6400F UN40JU6400FXZA UN40JU640DAFXZA UN40JU640DF UN40JU640DFXZA UN40JU650DF UN40JU6700 and more.


43 inch

UN43J5200AF UN43J5200AFXZA UN43J520DAF UN43J520DAFXZA UN43JU640DF UN43JU640DFXZA and more.


48 inch

UN48J5200AF UN48J5200AFXZA UN48J5201AF UN48J5201AFXZA UN48J520DAF UN48J520DAFDXN UN48J520DAFXZA UN48J6200AF UN48J6200AFXZA UN48J620DAF UN48J620DAFXZA UN48JU6400 UN48JU6400F UN48JU6400FXZA UN48JU640DF UN48JU640DFXZA UN48JU6700 and more.


50 inch

UN50J5200 UN50J5200AF UN50J5200AFXZA UN50J520DAF UN50J520DAFXZA UN50J520DFXZA UN50J6200 UN50J6200AF UN50J6200AFXZA UN50J620DAF UN50J620DAFXZA and more.


55 inch

UN55J6200 UN55J6200AF UN55J6200AFXZA UN55J6201 UN55J6201AF UN55J6201AFXZA UN55J620DAF UN55J620DAFXZA UN55JU6400 UN55JU6400F UN55JU6400FXZA UN55JU640DF UN55JU640DFXZA UN55JU6700 and more.


58 inch

UN58J5190 and more.


60 inch

UN60J620 UN60J6200 UN60J6200AF UN60J6200AFXZA UN60J6200AFXZC UN60J620DAF UN60J620DAFXZA UN60JU6390F UN60JU6400 UN60JU6400F UN60JU6400FXZA and more.


65 inch

UN65J620 UN65J6200 UN65J6200AF UN65J6200AFXZA UN65J620DAF UN65J620DAFXZA UN65JU640 UN65JU6400 UN65JU6400F UN65JU6400FXZA UN65JU640D UN65JU640DAF UN65JU640DAFXZA UN65JU640DF UN65JU640DFXZA UN65JU6700 and more.