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 Gvirtue AK59-00149A for Samsung Remote Control DVD Blu Ray Disc Player BD ES5000 ES5300 F5100 FM51 FM57C H5100 H5900 HM51 HM57C HM59 J5100 J5700 more


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Product description
Product description

About this item:


  • Gvirtue AK59-00149A replacement for Samsung DVD/ BD BluRay Disc Player universal  remote control. Ship from US.


  • Compatible DVD/ BD Bluray Disc Player model: BD-ES5300BD-F5100 BD-F5100/ZA BD-F5100/ZF BD-F5100/ZX BD-F5500/ZF BD-FM51 BD-FM51/ZA BD-FM51C BD-FM51C/ZA BD-FM57C BD-FM57C/ZA BD-H5100 BD-H5100/ZA BD-H5900 BD-H5900/ZA BD-HM51 BD-HM51/ZA BD-HM57C 


  • BD-HM59BD-HM59/ZA BD-HM59C BD-HM59C/ZA BD-J5100 BD-J5100/ZA BD-J5100E BD-J5100E/ZA BD-J5700 BD-J5700/ZA BD-J5900 BD-J5900/ZA BD-J5900E BD-J5900E/ZA BD-JM51 BD-JM51/ZA BD-JM57 BD-JM57/ZA BD-JM57C BD-JM57C/ZA BD-JM59 BD-JM59/ZA BD-MF57C/ZA and more


  • It is NOT a Samsung blue ray remote, but it works right out of box without any programming for most of Samsung DVD/ BD Blueray Disc Player Model.



  • No programming or paring is needed. Just install new batteries and it is ready for use. USA Amazon Warehouse Shipping, Fast Delivery!



More Details:


Gvirtue Universal Remote for Samsung Bluray Features:

  • Gvirtue control for Samsungremote replacement series DVD BD Blue Ray Disc Players is very lightweight and ergonomic, and does not require a lot of space and comfortable to hold by your hands.


  • The lightweight and ergonomic design make it very comfortable. It is the ideal choice when your original Samsung blueray remote control is lost, broken or when you want a new one.


  • This is the dedicated Gvirtue replacement remote control not the original one, but function is 100% same as original and it covers all the functions of original remote.


  • No programming is required -- just insert the batteries in and it works well with your device or receiver.



Compatible with Samsung DVD BD Blu-Ray Disc Player Model:

BD-ES5000 BD-ES5300 BD-F5100 BD-F5100/ZA BD-F5100/ZF BD-F5100/ZX BD-F5500 BD-F5500/ZF BD-F6700 BD-FM51 BD-FM51/ZA BD-FM51C BD-FM51C/ZA BD-FM57C BD-FM57C/ZA BD-H5100 BD-H5100/ZA BD-H5900 BD-H5900/ZA BD-HM51 BD-HM51/ZA BD-HM57C BD-HM59 BD-HM59/ZA BD-HM59C BD-HM59C/ZA BD-J5100 BD-J5100/ZA BD-J5100E BD-J5100E/ZA BD-J5700 BD-J5700/ZA BD-J5900 BD-J5900/ZA BD-J5900E BD-J5900E/ZA BD-JM51 BD-JM51/ZA BD-JM57 BD-JM57/ZA BD-JM57C BD-JM57C/ZA BD-JM59 BD-JM59/ZA BD-MF57C/ZA and more.